The Center for Reproductive Counseling guides individuals and couples in New Mexico through the stress of treatment by offering adoption resources, family building options and counseling, as well as counseling for individuals and couples interested in third-party family-building alternatives. We offer implications counseling for donors and recipients, and we assist in the transition to an adoption plan or child-free living as well. Our Center for Reproductive Counseling team also provides consultation by evaluating potential egg donors and gestational carriers (intended parents) for clinics and agencies in the state of New Mexico and around the country, as well as mindfulness and meditation online resources for individuals and couples.

Mindfulness and Meditation Resources – Apps & Programs:

General Online Support & Reproductive Counseling Resources:

It is known that stress can result in a diminished quality of life and hinder the body’s ability to function normally and efficiently. Women who have difficulty conceiving suffer as much anxiety and depression as women with heart disease and cancer. Worry and anxiety can hinder fertility – alleviating stress can help increase the chances of conceiving. We’re here to help with the mental health struggles that so frequently exist with conception and infertility. We also have additional resources on our website to help you on your journey, as well as testimonials from some the amazing individuals and couples we have worked with. Contact our team via email, phone, or text, Monday through Saturday. Or email us directly at

Mindfulness and Meditation Resources in New Mexico